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How often have you carried out a task or done something "out of habit"?  Don't be fooled into thinking it does not affect your business or working life, as HABITS COST.  Sometimes you just need to ask yourself "why am I doing it this way".  That's where Wicksie Integrated Solutions come in.  Whether you want someone to help improve efficiency, reduce "dead stock", help you manage your data or to take control of your systems, we should be your first choice.

With staff who have worked on projects for "the big three", namely Eriks UK (Formerly Wyko), Si3 Monks & Crane and RS Components, we are in a unique position to offer "just the best bits" that each of these can provide.

Additionally, since we do not have our own in-house preferred suppliers to whom we are tied, we can always identify the best supplier for the best price, with no hidden rebates!

  • Inventory Management
  • Team Efficiency Training
  • Site Setup Investigations
  • Data Investigations
  • Systems & Software Design & Support
  • Site Re-organisation Surveys
  • Stock Level Investigations
  • Redundant Stock Identification
  • Stock Disposal
  • Supplier Service Level Monitoring
  • Supplier Base Reductions
  • Technical Support
  • Order Handling
  • E-Commerce Material Services And Management
  • MRO Storeroom Management
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Whatever your needs we can help you to make the decision that's right for you.  With 24 hour assistance, you can "bounce" your thoughts to our team at any time. 

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Our team will get to know your business from the ground up, and help to re-train your team to work smarter faster and more efficiently with a full development plan.

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After our initial process investigation, we can help you define a strategy for implementation with the minimum amount of impact to your day to day running.

“Who would have thought that just re-organizing our premises would allow us to free up more than enough time to put 4 drivers

  back on the road.”

“We were really quite shocked to discover just how much dead stock we had, and how much it was costing.  Our stock take now takes over half a day less, and we have even been able to reduce our insurance premium.

“Some of the Management were initially sceptical of paying another supplier at a time when we needed to cut back, but the figures speak for themselves.”